Daddy's Dark Side

Alarm clock. Good morning!

Alarm clock. Good morning!

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Impale yourself on daddy’s cock.

Impale yourself on daddy’s cock.

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You’re getting better, little girl.

You’re getting better, little girl.

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Anonymous said: I want you to fuck me

Tell me something I don’t know.

Anonymous said: I like your body in that picture, daddy. I'd like to force my rock hard, thick cock into your ass and ride you til you're sore and bloody. Then I'll ram my cock down your throat and make you taste your ass. My friend can come in and make your ass busy again, using your blood as lube. We'll choke you and fuck your ass. Twist your dick and pull and squeeze your balls so tight they pop. We'll ride you so hard we'll have you begging for mercy, daddy. Wouldn't you like that? I don't care if you do.

Do you think balls would actually “pop”?

Anonymous said: I added you on kik daddy please let this little princess entertain you and see if im worthy of your powers.

I don’t know who you are but if you added ‘daddydarkside” on kik, that dude is NOT me.

Anonymous said: do you post pics of yourself?


Anonymous said: Would you rather have a sub or a little?

Sub. But a big one, not one of those small little personal claustrophobic death traps. Captain Nemo shit. And it can’t be yellow.

Hope that answers your question.