Daddy's Dark Side

Anonymous asked: You're weird.

Also incredibly smart, quite handsome and extremely modest.

Anonymous asked: Do you enjoy threesomes ?

Depends on the third.

Anonymous asked: Oh Daddy, I'd love to ride you. I'd do anything to be your naughty little girl 😘

I know.

Anonymous asked: Daddy , I wish you would fuck me hard on the massage table .

Good. I’m glad we narrowed it down.

Anonymous asked: Do you live in ny?

No. And that said we played this game once already so I likely won’t be responding to anymore guesses.

The last time I think people literally guessed every northeastern state with the exception of the one I live in so if you dig through posts you could probably figure it out.

Anonymous asked: At this point, if your wife began getting into bdsm for you would you delete your blog and everything/everyone associated with it?

I suppose that is a possibility, but I could delete it just because I’m bored, then start a new blog about my feelings or birds that came to the feeder today which would have blurry photos taken through the kitchen window.

Anonymous asked: Will you come and see me tonight? I may need a little practice before cheer tryouts.

Anonymous asked: I wish you could fuck me hard in the ass while i'm screaming into a pillow to not wake your wife.